ASA appoints WA’s Ajahn Brahm it’s new Chairperson


ASA Sangha Conference: 23-24 May 2012

The ASA conference has become a landmark event each year for Buddhist monastics in Australia. The ASA was set up to support dialogue and understanding among monastics of different traditions, and the conference provides a forum for this. This year’s conference features a one day work shop offered by the Chaplaincy Sub-committee of the Australian Sangha Association.

The focus of the conference is on how, as Sangha, we can use the Buddha’s teachings to offer better care, both for each other, and for the whole world. This has been a focus of discussions for the past year, since it has been identified in previous meetings that many Sangha in Australia face challenging conditions, living alone or in small groups, often with little or no support.

During the conference a new committee was elected and is headed this year by Western Australia’s Ajahn Brahm who is Abbott of Bodhinyana Monastery.