BCWA Statement on Equal Opportunity and Religious Freedoms and Rights


  • Whilst religious freedom is a human right, this should not override other basic human rights of equality and compassion for all human beings.
  • Religious freedom should not be an avenue to practice discrimination against the weak and vulnerable. In this respect, religious institutions should be bound by the same anti-discrimination laws including laws on gender equality.
  • One law for all and no separate laws for any particular religious group.
  • When the law of the country is inconsistent with any religious law or practice, the law of 
the country must prevail.
  • With regard to aged care, we recognise that although most care facilities are government funded, 75% of aged care are run by religious organisations. In this respect, aged care should be available to all in need irrespective of religion, ethnicity or gender. No religious belief should be imposed upon any individual in aged care.
  • Animals rights should be also protected. Religious beliefs should not be a justification to bring unnecessary harm to animals.


30 Apr 2019 – BCWA Committee