Buddhist Care Line setup in Perth

Welcome. If you wish to talk about any issues that may be happening in your life without fear of judgement and be heard, we encourage you to contact the Buddhist Care Line.

+61 (08) 6270 4671 (phone line) or
+61 493 056 327 (via WhatsApp)

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 6.30pm-9.00pm
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday CLOSED

(Perth, WA timezone)


What We Offer

Run by volunteers and members of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia, the Buddhist Care Line is a free, trained and confidential telephone listening service dedicated to listening to you and helping you work through issues that may be occurring in your life.

Our Listeners are skilled in Buddhist practice and trained to respond to callers with openness, wisdom and compassion. We are here to listen with an open heart and provide a judgement-free space for you to be heard.

As Buddhist lay practitioners, motivated by the compassion of the Buddha and the example set by our Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahm, we offer our care and support for you to talk about any issues that may be happening in your life.

Please note that the Buddhist Care Line is not a suicide or crisis hotline. Please contact emergency services if you are in active crisis. 


Our Method

As listeners trained in Buddhist practice, our method of listening is rooted in the cultivation of the four Brahmaviharas:

Cultivating loving kindness towards others (Metta)

Developing compassion and empathy (Karuna)

Celebrating your successes with sympathetic joy (Mudita)

Listening with equanimity (Upekkha)

You can talk about anything that’s on your mind, but we as listeners are not permitted to give you any direct advice. We will share helpful mental health and advisory services with you, but as a Perth based organisation, we primarily rely on resources specific to Western Australia.


A Caring Space

We hold a safe space for you to speak your mind without fear of judgement.

Within a bond of friendship and kindness, we help to bring clarity to feelings, thoughts and emotions that may be troubling you.  This is similar to the way a meditation practice can give insight into your world.

We invite you to call. We will be there to listen.


If you are interested in training as a volunteer listener please email your expression of interest to admin@bswa.org.