Celebrating 30 years of Ajahn Brahm in WA

To celebrate and thank Ajahn Brahm for thirty years of teaching the Dhamma in Perth, the Buddhist Society of WA (Inc). is organising a Fundraising Gala Dinner at the Pan Pacific Hotel on 22nd June 2013. This event is also to raise funds for Dhammasara Buddhist Nunnery.

The event will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel Perth, 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA on Saturday, 22nd June 2013 at 6pm. There will be a vegetarian buffet and a non-vegetarian dinner as well as a Live Auction and a Silent Auction.

Ticket prices:
$160 adult
$120 children under 8 years of age

Ticket enquiries please contact:  Lee Chan   08 9325 8238          Sompong   08 9478 2445
About Ajahn Brahm

In April 1983, Ajahn Brahm arrived from Thailand to Perth, Western Australia after spending nearly 9 years in Thailand. His ordination as a Buddhist monk following the Theravada Thai Forest tradition was by the Abbot of Watt Saket in December 1974. Ajahn Brahm subsequently studied and trained under Venerable Ajahn Chah.

Soon after arriving in Perth, Ajahn Brahm moved into a small Vihara in Magnolia Street, Perth owned by the Buddhist Association of Western Australia (BSWA). The BSWA had long wished to establish a proper forest monastery. After the Rains in 1983, the then Abbott and Ajahn Brahm chose a secluded property of 97 acres of bush land in Serpentine to establish the current Bodhinyana Monastery. Despite lack of facilities, the Sangha (monks) moved to Serpentine in 1983.

With the establishment of this monastery, the Sangha began to grow and Ajahn Brahm became an inspiration to the Perth Sangha and his leadership influenced many monks, nuns and lay community to practise the Buddha’s teachings.

Since Ajahn Brahm’s arrival in WA, his emphasis on a simple and direct approach to the practice of the Dhamma and its applications in daily life has inspired large numbers of people who are interested in the teachings of the Buddha, not only in WA and Australia but around the world.

For those who are searching for inner peace and happiness in the mind, Ajahn Brahm’s talks from the depths of his own meditative experiences have helped. While demonstrating a selfless devotion to the task of presenting the Buddha’s teaching to the world, Ajahn Brahm’s calm, simple and pleasant personality has touched the lives of so many people. His remarkable and unique sense of humour has made him a popular teacher and speaker.

In the year 2001, the BSWA acquired more land opposite the Bodhinyana Monastery in Serpentine and in 2003 Ajahn Brahm initiated the establishment of a centre. In 2009 the Jhana Grove Retreat Centre was completed with funds from donors around the world. Since then Jhana Grove has become a primary venue for meditation with devotees from Australia and worldwide.

Dhammasara, the forest monastery for nuns, came to life under the guidance and sustained efforts of Ajahn Brahm. Possibly one of the most significant events in the history of the BSWA was the ordination of the Bhikkuni nuns in 2009. Ajahn Brahm ensured that the ordination of Bhikkunis was possible within the limits of the monastic vinaya (discipline). This was in addition to ordaining many monks from numerous nationalities.

Ajahn Brahm has authored many publications and books on the Buddha’s teachings and ensured the transfer of Dhamma from the scriptures into the minds of people. It is significant these teachings are more than 2,550 years old, before the birth of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. Ajahn Brahm epitomises that a religion can be spread through kindness and tolerance.

In 2004 Ajahn Brahm was awarded the John Curtin Medal.