Climate Change Statement at Parliament Steps | Nov 2020

We are seeking a change of heart for our change in climate.
The impacts of the climate crisis are growing – fires are raging, floods are ravaging and crops are dying. We know that climate change is not just a political, economic or scientific issue. As people of faith, we see it also as moral and spiritual issue.
The WA Government are in the final stages of preparing the State Climate Policy and we want to take some time to pause, pray and meditate for a safe climate future. We deeply hope the new State Climate Policy will reflect the urgent need to reduce WA’s fossil fuel emissions and not create any further damage to the climate system.
We invite you to sit with us as we bring our grief about the impacts already seen, our fears about the impacts to come, our hopes for renewable-powered WA and our intentions for a just transition.
Please join us on Tuesday 17 November at WA Parliament House Steps to pray and meditate for our climate.
We have so far confirmed a Nyungar welcome to Country and prayers or reflections from Muslim, Catholic, Uniting, Buddhist, and Bahai traditions.
We also intend to hand over a letter to the Premier (or a representative thereof) regarding our desire for climate action in WA.

We look forward to your peaceful presence with us.