G20 Meeting and Buddhist Statement on Climate Change

Whenever world leaders gather, such as is happening now for the G20 conference in Brisbane; there is a potential for great good and benefit for the world and all its inhabitants. Even as economic matters are discussed there is the opportunity to take united action against climate change and environmental damage.

This being the case we are pleased to release our statement on Climate Change today in this way:

“Buddhist practice teaches that one individual’s existence is intimately connected with the lives of all other life-forms.  This extends to the fish in the deep blue sea, animals, birds, insects and all of the plants. We note that the Buddha was born in a forest, attained full awakening in one and passed away in the forest. The Buddhist teachings and life stories instil in Buddhists the wholesome intention to treat nature as our friend and teacher, so all creatures on our planet can live in harmony.


However, the human race are the only inhabitants that have the mental and physical capacity to actively shape the earth’s future, so it’s our solemn duty to encourage all of humanity to remain mindful, appreciating the interconnectedness of every one of us residing on planet earth. Our immediate actions can help to secure a future for our children and their children’s children.


Australian Buddhists generally agree we must act in a positive and respectful way towards and within our environment; striving to stop and reverse man-made global climatic damage. The world’s developed and affluent countries may feel the impact of climate change less than developing nations; who will likely be the  most impacted, feeling the effects of deforestation, the overuse of fossil fuels, human over-population and over-consumption.”