HH Dalai Lama’s visit to Perth 2011

His Holiness the Dalai Lama* received another warm welcome from Perth during his visit on the weekend of 18th and 19th of June – the Burswood Dome held about fourteen thousand paid ticket-holders. His holiness in his usual down-to-earth style spoke from the heart. For example after the “welcome to country” the Dalai Lama spoke off-the-cuff for about fifteen minutes on native rights and responsibilities. He said that the Sami peoples of Northen Norway have set a good example of engaging the modern world while at the same time retaining their culture and beliefs.

His Holiness who is 79 years old elected to stand while speaking for over an hour to an attentive audience. His talk covered many topics but broadly speaking it covered subjects such as ethical secularism, the inate warm-heartedness of humans and even animals to their young, the strengths and weaknesses of marxist and democratic systems, the importance of adopting long-term strategies and developing compassion for ourselves and for those around us. He touched on climate change and the war in Iraq. It seemed like there was no taboo subject and HHDL was unequivocal in his responses to questions from the audience after he had given his talk. DVD recordings of his talk  are available for purchase here.



*HHDL is the exiled leader of Tibetan Gelugpa tradition