Mahabodhi temple bombing

The Australian Buddhist community has been saddened and alarmed to hear of the bombing on 7th July 2013 at the Mahabodhi temple in Bihar, India. We hope those injured by the blasts are receiving the best medical care and support and will recover soon.

We hope the Indian governments will catch the perpetrators to reduce the risk of similar acts in future and also take action to ensure these significant Buddhist sites which are India’s national treasures are suitably protected. These sites are also places of veneration to Buddhists all over the world and must be preserved for posterity. Buddhist pilgrims should be able to continue visiting these sites safely and without fear.

At this time we also wish to express our support for handing the management of the temple back to the Buddhist community of India. This will be a major step towards re-establishing India as a genuine centre of Buddhism in the world.

– Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils