Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma

The BCWA Endorses the Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma

The Buddhist Council of Western Australia (BCWA) is committed to ensuring that our nation’s Buddhist organisations are free from harm and are safe places for all people. The BCWA stands against any form of abusive behaviour, including: physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse.

The BCWA has joined hundreds of Buddhist individuals and organisations in Australia and around the world to endorse the Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma, a statement that affirms the importance of ethical behaviour in our spiritual communities, especially in the context of inappropriate teacher-student interactions.

The Oath was developed by the Alliance for Buddhist Ethics (ABE)  and sexual abuse survivors, encouraging Buddhists from all traditions to take a stand against abuse in our communities.


Oath Against Harm in the Practice of the Dharma

In the practice of the Dharma, I hold the student-teacher relationship to be a sacred connection which prioritises the spiritual development, maturation, and well-being of the student.
Similarly, I hold that Dharma organisations exist to provide safe environments which allow those who practice the Dharma to thrive in supportive communities, founded on aspirations of good-will for all, and supported by a strong ethical foundation of non-harming.
I acknowledge that any behaviour which would be categorised as  abusive—whether emotionally, physically, financially, psychologically or sexually—or which is exploitative, coercive, or an abuse of power, or which attempts to cover-up such behaviour, is harmful and unnecessary in the practice of the Dharma. It is unacceptable in all circumstances.
I am aware that harm has been caused by failures to meet these standards in the past, and I declare my commitment to maintaining them for the well-being and benefit of all. May this commitment help the Dharma to flourish, both now and in the future, and may it help to alleviate suffering and create a more compassionate world.

Find out more about the Oath Against Harm on the Alliance for Buddhist Ethics website.

WA Buddhist Women Collective on 27th Nov 2022

A gathering of WA Buddhist women collective with Thubten Chokyi and Thubten Yangchen took place at the King’s Park Botanical Garden appreciating the caring of each other and caring for our earth. Apparently, it is said that around this area was where indigenous women used to gather and caring for the land.


Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA 20th year anniversary

The Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA celebrated its 20th year anniversary on 26th November 2022. Its center started with only a few thousand dollars among a small group of Cambodian community and ended up with an established center at 56 Scott Road, Kelmscott 20 years later.

LGBTQIA+ identity, faith and spirituality with Venerable Chokyi

In celebration of Pride Month in Western Australia, join us on a guided meditation followed by afternoon tea and discussions on LGBTQIA+ identity, faith and spirituality with Venerable Chokyi at the Hayagriva Buddhist Centre. Open to all regardless of identity, orientation or religious/spiritual beliefs.

19 November 2022 (SAT)
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Hayagriva Buddhist Centre
64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington WA 6151
Tel: (08) 9367 4817

Cost: Free (Donation welcomed)

Venerable Chokyi was ordained with Kyabe Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 2006 and has recently relocated to Perth after many years of service at the Vajrayana Institute, Sydney and Chenrezig Institute, Queensland. Committed to learning and teaching the Dharma to benefit all beings, Venerable Chokyi has conducted many meditation retreats and is a much-loved mentor to students, known for her great depth of wisdom, good humour and huge heart.

2022-23 President’s message (Natasha Tang)

Dear BCWA members and friends,
I am honoured to lead the Buddhist Council of Western Australia into 2023.
During my term as President, I vow to strengthen our relationship by promoting closer engagement with members of BCWA and with government representatives, such as Members of Parliament, Ministers, local councils and the WA Buddhist community at large.
If you have any idea, suggestion, comment, improvement, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: president@buddhistcouncilwa.org.au.
I am hoping to hold numerous events in the new year such as Buddhist Forums, Bus Tour to visit friends of BCWA etc. I wish you can be part of these meaningful events.
I am looking forward to a fantastic 2023 and beyond. I am grateful for your support and involvement with BCWA.
With gratitude,
Natasha Tang JP

2021-22 President’s Report (Marlene Robins)

Dear friends in Buddhism,

I want to acknowledge the support the committee and members of the Buddhist Council of Western Australia (BCWA) that have supported us. The BCWA has always been there to benefit of the Buddhist community in Western Australia.

We have been keeping the Friends of BCWA informed via our webpage, Facebook and Twiter of relevant information that may impact them.

Below are some of the activities that we have performed this year.

  1. BCWA as government primary contact in WA

Since BCWA has been recognised by the government as peak body of Buddhist organisation in WA, we have been important contact for the government in WA about matters related to Buddhism and the Buddhist community in WA.

  1. BCWA Facebook updates

We have been posting relevant Buddhist related information on regular basis in the social media and our webpage

  1. Supporting activities of the ASA

We have been supporting the Australian Sangha Association activities and disseminate important information to the community when available.

  1. Disseminate relevant information from the government

Dept of Homes Affair and Multicultural Interest have been disseminating their messages to the communities through organizations like BCWA.

  1. The BCWA has supported other organisations activities through attending
  1. Meeting minutes to the active members of BCWA

The committee have organised for all minutes to be sent to members so as everyone knows what we are doing and how they can be involved, either by suggestions or assisting.

I also wish to remind you that the BCWA Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm on WEDNESDAY 19TH OCTOBER 2022 at the Australia Asia House, 275 Stirling St, Perth WA 6000.

All positions of executive committees and committees are open for nomination on the day. I encourage you to participate in the BCWA’s course for the Buddhist community in WA.


Yours in the Dhamma

Marlene Robins