Vesak Celebration at Nollamara Sunday 26th May 2013

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia (BSWA) will get together to celebrate Vesak Day under the full moon on Sunday 26th May 2013. Vesak day is very significant for Buddhists everywhere as this day marks the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, the day of his Enlightenment when he became the Buddha, or the Awakened One, and the passing away of the Buddha after 45 years of teaching the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path. These Truths taught more than 2,500 years ago has helped humankind to improve itself, morally, mentally and spiritually, making us happier and better members of the community.

The celebrations will begin in the morning and the whole programme can be found here. For members of the public and for first time attendees perhaps the best time to arrive may be around 5:30pm just before the start of the Fire Puja and circumambulation around the Buddha image in the park.

BSWA is loacted at 18-20 Nanson Way , Nollamara 6061  Western Australia Click here for Map