Vesak celebration dates in 2022

Vesak is an important celebration among Buddhists in the major traditions. The following are the dates of celebration by some of the Buddhist organizations in Western Australia in 2022.

7 May:

  • Buddha Light International Association of Western Australia (Online celebration)

14 and 15 May:

  • Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist Society (78 Austin Avenue, Kenwick. No food being served this year as a precaution. 14 Saturday is the 8 precepts day and the opening of the special Vesak decoration – a replica of the famous Avukana Buddha. 15 Sunday the DS students sing devotional songs. Vesak special sermon after that.)

15 May:

  • Buddhist Society of Western Australia (18 Nanson Way, Nollamara)
  • Tisarana Vihara (173 Albert Rd, Middle Swan)
  • Mingala Thulku Vihara (76 Templeton Crescent, Girrawheen)
  • Quan The Am Buddhist Association (128 Nollamara Avenue, Nollamara)
  • Chua Chanh-Giac Temple (45 Money Street, Perth)

22 May:

  • Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA (56 Scott Road, Kelmscott)

23 May:

  • Australia Buddhist Bliss Culture Mission (21 Woodthorpe Drive, Willetton. Bathing the Buddha Blessing Ceremony)