Vesak Message from the Hon Tony Abbott MHR

Message from the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Tony Abbott MHR

I am pleased to offer my best wishes to the Australian Buddhist community as you celebrate Vesak this year.

Vesak is an important celebration for Buddhists around the world, commemorating the birth, life and enlightenment of Buddha Sakyamuni. In Australia, it is also a chance for the broader  community to learn more about Buddhism and to celebrate the contribution Australian Buddhists have made to our country.

Religious faith is an important element in our society. For many, it provides meaning, purpose and inspiration to their daily lives. Our democracy rests on an understanding that every individual counts; and our social solidarity on the understanding that we should treat others as we would have them treat us.

I hope all members of the Australian Buddhist community enjoy the Vesak celebrations this year.

Yours sincerely

24 May 2013