I would like to give my deepest regards to all those observing the festival of Vesak, and I hope that you find joy as well as reflection on this most important day in the Buddhist calendar.

As you celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha Gautama I know you will feel the importance of this day, as those generations before you have felt it. This is a time for you to reflect upon the teachings of the Buddha, but also a time for you to remember those less fortunate than yourselves. I wish you well in your efforts to bring happiness to others on this special day.

The Buddhist community is an important part of Western Australia, and the Buddha’s teachings of respect and equality are essential values for our society. I applaud the Buddhist community for their dedication in promoting peace and harmony in our society. The Buddhist community’s support for multi-faith interaction in Western Australia has been important for the continued understanding, and acceptance, of Western Australia’s diversity and multiculturalism.

I wish great joy and happminess to all who are sharing in Vesak.


Mark McGowan MLA
Leader of the Opposition