Fake monks asking for money in Perth CBD

For public awareness of fake monks asking for money.

Beware of fake monks in Perth CBD

Fake monks busted soliciting donations in Perth CBD
The West Australian
Thursday, 29 March 2018 3:04PM

Police have confirmed the ‘fake’ monks actually Chinese tourists.Picture: AP
At least three Chinese men falsely claiming to be Buddhist monks have been seen around the Perth CBD today asking for donations.
Police have spoken to two of the men and have confirmed they are not working for a legitimate charity and are actually in Australia on tourist visas.
Concerned community members have also contacted media warning the men were offering blessings and tokens or prayer bracelets before requesting donations.

At least one of the men was showing people a booklet with records of generous donations in a bid to convince others to hand over cash.
Consumer Protection said it had received a tip from the public that a man claiming to be a monk was accepting donations on St George’s Terrace on Wednesday.
A spokesman said the claim had been investigated but no money had been witnessed changing hands.
Charity collectors are required to have a permit. Anyone approached in the street for money should ask to see evidence of a street collection permit.
Consumer Protection has previously investigated reports of fake monks collecting donations in Hay Street Mall in 2014.