Australia has four more fully ordained Buddhist nuns

We are very pleased to congratulate the four Australian Tibetan Buddhist sramaneris (female novice nuns) who in early March 2018 took their bhikshuni/bhikkhuni vows. After a beautiful ceremony the senior presiding bhikshuni/bhikkhuni gave a moving blessing: “The world has more chances to see women living a life which leads to the eradication of suffering. Let us show people another way of life. Let us enrich them with Dharma/Dhamma way of life. And let us show them that real happiness comes not from luxurious worldly things, not from a vicious circle gratifying sensual pleasures, but from the practise of ethics (sila), concentration (samadhi) and wisdom (panna)”.

Each of the new bhikshunis/bhikkhunis expressed their deep gratitude to BSV-NBM for hosting the first platform, the ordination ceremony conducted by the nuns; and to BSWA-Bodhinyana Monastery for hosting the second platform, the confirmation ceremony conducted by the monks.

The following day they participated in an annual Buddhist gathering attended by monastics and laypeople from around Australia (as pictured).

We wish them every success on this new stage of their spiritual journey!