The Buddhist Council of Western Australia (BCWA) brings to your attention its concerns related to “Buddhism & Australia’s” 2018 conference (website: www.buddhismandaustralia.com).

The “PARTICIPANTS” and “HOME” pages of the website promoting the conference is in our view ambiguous and may create the impression that the well respected Western Australian monks Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and Ajahn Sujato support this conference or that they will be attending the conference.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is to inform the general public that these Ajahns and BCWA have NOT supported or attended any of the conferences held by the organisers of Buddhism & Australia except for its 2012 conference only.

Thus, any reference to the Ajahns and/or BCWA representatives on the International Buddhist Conference only refers to their 2012 attendance and is not current.